Manufacturer: Artisan Bread Organic

Freshly milled organic wholegrain, free from visible contaminants. The certified organic and biodynamic grain is bought from single estates where possible - worlds apart from the big blending mills where the flour is milled on huge steel rollers, where the flour gets hot and vitamins and oils can therefore be destroyed. Whole grains stored properly can last a long time - however, the minute you mill the grain the oils contained in the grain start to oxidise as they are exposed to air. A 'best before' date of 14 days is put on the fresh flour. It is recommended you store the flour in the fridge (or freeze it for later use) when you receive it. This is cold milled untreated organic flour of the highest quality – enjoy the unique fresh sweet flavour in your cooking and baking.

Suitable for vegans

Please note there is a £10 minimum order for Organic Quinoa Bread, Grain and Flour (not including other products).

Organic Quinoa Flour
£ 5.80